Healthcare Devotions

There is lots of inspiration available from the Bible. Each week you can receive a dose of this by subscribing to our free e-mail devotional, E-KardíaGram. Join people from around the world to discover how the Word of God provides hope, encouragement, and clarity. Each message uses a metaphor or analogy from some aspect of healthcare to provide a foundation for a message designed to lift your spirit and continue to press on through life. Scroll down to see some examples. You can subscribe for free by clicking here.

For more in-depth study, scroll down to find out about the #11 Scalpel series for group or individual use.

Sample E-KardíaGrams

Inspiration for You From God's Word

Here are three sample E-KardíaGrams for your inspiration and enjoyment. Check out each one by clicking on the icons. If you'd like to receive an E-KardíaGram each week you can subscribe for free by clicking here.

EKG 681: Optometry


EKG 670: Cardiology


EKG 655: Cell Biology


Sharper Than a #11 Scalpel

Sharper Than a #11 Scalpel: Inspirational Dissections of God's Word is a three-volume book series by The Kardia Foundation's President, Dr. Jeff Russell. Based on his E-KardiaGram Bible devotionals that have encouraged healthcare professionals around the world for the past several years, you will find each book of 50 readings, study questions, and prayer starters helpful for your personal discipleship, or for use with a group of colleagues.

These links will go to the books' pages at Amazon.com where you also will be able to preview each book's contents. The books also are available on most Amazon sites around the world.