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Is there another field that serves more, yet needs to Be served more?

Healthcare workers give, give, give all the time. Few professions carry more influence and are responsible for carrying greater burdens, while being available virtually all the time. Our organization's name, Kardía, means "heart" for a reason. We want to pour into the hearts of healthcare workers by equipping, empowering, and engaging them to serve better with whole hearts.


Inspiration For your Soul

Are you a healthcare worker or someone interested in healthcare? We have a weekly inspirational e-mail called E-KardiaGram to encourage you.

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One of our primary missions is to teach healthcare leadership. Not just any kind of leadership, but transformational servant leadership.

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You are gifted, there's no doubt about it. Find out here how you can use your gifts to serve the healthcare profession by joining our team.

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Have something you'd like to ask? Want to host leadership training for your healthcare team? Have an idea for serving healthcare? Let us know!