Every Monday, The Kardia Foundation sends an encouraging e-mail to healthcare workers around the world. Called a E-KardiaGram, the messages are written by Kardia's President, Dr. Jeff Russell. 

Each installment contains a Bible passage highlighted with a creative, inspiring application from a topic in healthcare. Join your colleagues from all over the globe in finding new sources of enrichment to lift your spirit. There are links in the next section below for you to download sample E-KardiaGrams.

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For an entire book of E-KardiaGrams plus questions for personal or small group study, you'll find Dr. Jeff Russell's Sharper Than a #11 Scalpel: Inspirational Dissections of God's Word to be a valuable resource. CLICK HERE to learn more.

The Cruciates: An Image of Stability for Life

The Cruciates: An Image of Stability for Life is an e-book containing a series of Christian devotionals centered on topics about sports medicine and several of its related subdisciplines. Written by Kardia President Dr. Jeff Russell and his colleague Kandis Maust, all of these inspirational writings are based on healthcare-related metaphors from the Bible. But, certainly you don't have to work in the sports medicine or orthopaedics field to enjoy and learn from them. A link to download the e-book is below.


The e-book is a “sampler,” if you will, of the more than 420 healthcare themed devotionals The Kardía Foundation's President, Dr. Jeff Russell, has written since 2007, sending them weekly to a mailing list that extends literally around the world. [You can sign up to receive these weekly devotionals by CLICKING HERE.]

You will quickly note how this e-book got its title when you read the first devotional. Indeed, Jesus’ gift to humanity, paid on the cross of eternal sacrifice, is the only source of true and lasting stability in this crazy world where we live.