OUR Guiding Principles

The following six principles make us tick. They also guide our work.

  • 1. We are a non-profit organization

    Practically that means we are here for others instead of for ourselves. Our "profit" is the encouragement we get when people from all over the world tell us that we brought a smile to their face, or helped them make it through a tough time, or had just the right word at just the right time, or…

  • 2. We are an international organization

    We can't change the world all at once. But, we can work with whomever is in front of us at any given time and place. So, wherever on the planet God sends us, that's where we work until He sends us someplace else. 

  • 3. We are a compassion-driven organization

    There are too many hurts and too many hurting people in the world today. We are not interested in piling on the pain because that was not Jesus' model. "Compassion" comes from Latin roots that mean "to suffer with." This means we are called to be kind, respectful, gracious, and focused on blessing others, while being true to ourselves and our calling. Overall we've found that lending a hand is a much better approach than biting one. 


    We once found the perfect church...but then we joined it and messed it up! Really there aren't any perfect churches, and there aren't any perfect people, either. Since no one has all the answers, we think it's best to focus on working together with anyone who wants to tell the world about our perfect Savior. 


    The Bible is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword (or scalpel)--just check out Hebrews 4:12. But, we don't stab people with it! We'd rather let it guide our lives so that other people get the benefit from us living accordingly. The Bible is the singularly dependable source of truth, full of God's love letters and instructions to us. It has answers to our questions and solutions to our problems. We wouldn't be caught dead without it!


    Quick--what's the fifth word in the Bible? In...the...beginning...God...CREATED! God is creative, so we like to be, too. Innovative is another related quality. We look for ways to communicate God's grace using creativity and innovation so that people's hearts are touched in a genuine way. There's a world full of unique individuals out there..why should we do ministry the same way other people do it? That's not any fun.